Saturday, December 29, 2018

Archives - Nov 2017

Kombucha on tap? Can this be installed in my house?

H got tall enough for a booster seat and wanted to ride with me somewhere. I love her.


Tiny pumpkins bring joy.

Laziz Kitchen is delicious. Everyone should eat there.

We took Mike to Laziz.

Charity came into town for her book tour. It was so lovely to see her.

I hosted documentary night. I really wish I could keep it going regularly. We watched Chasing Coral.

Mom and Dad came to town for Q's birthday.

She was sorta sick and barfed all over her new stuffed unicorn, but she still managed a bit of cake.

Scott P once again did a taco tour - this time in Utah. All were pretty good but I think I only captured two. And yes, I have returned to both of them.

Anthony and I spent the day before Thanksgiving at the Springville Art Museum, then poking around Provo. Mini chocolate tasting at Taste, always worth a stop.

Thanksgiving day with the in-laws.

Instead of Black Friday shopping, we popped up to Lava Hot Spring in Idaho. Soak once, go eat, soak again.

Novelty square ice cream that really wasn't all that good.

Megh and I made wreaths again - fresh smelling stuff. I loved how this turned out.

My favorite set of bowls got cracked, partially because of the husband. I immediately ordered another set from Crate and Barrel - different colors, but same style. I love and need them.

Christmas party!
Megh always picks the best theme and everyone makes ornaments to decorate her tree. Game pieces this time.

Women Tech Council holiday event at Adobe - nice space.

Bombay House always wins. Somewhere in this month Anthony started a new job working in psych and it was weekends. Trial run - it sucked, but he stuck it out for a year and I put up with being alone every weekend. Not recommended.

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