Friday, December 28, 2018

Archives - Oct 2017

Let's make this quick. October always means General Conference.

Lunchtime shopping break. I didn't get the glitter jacket, but it was a nice idea.

H took a photo with me and Q was too busy picking up leaves in the background.


Millcreek Canyon

Yuhi came to town - so happy to see her and her whole gang!

Canadian Thanksgiving, courtesy of Megh. This year it got out of control. So many people! But amazing food.

Charity wrote a book and it's incredible. We were friends in DC and I'm so glad to know her.

The xx and The War on Drugs both came to town in the same week. I don't know what happened, but wowza, both shows were so boring. We left early both nights. Maybe I'm just getting old?

Blue Apron sent us finger limes, and I am just so delighted by them!

Animal time at work!

Meghan was in town and we had Protein Foundry. It's so good but also spendy and probably a good thing it's far from my house.

YW night - fall activities at a farm.

I had to play in the corn pit. Gross? Maybe.

Highlight of the month - driving to Vegas so Anthony could fulfill a lifelong dream of seeing his favorite band. Per usual, he slept while I drove.

We stayed at his aunt's house - their bedrooms were full so we camped out in their RV.

Vegas is the worst.

Waiting for NIN.

His joy.

Trent and gang.

Breakfast for a midnight snack.

Then real breakfast the next morning at Babystacks.

Time to get out of town. 24 hours is plenty.

On the drive home we stopped for a night to camp at Coral Pink Sand Dunes. We didn't have a reservation, but we just showed up and the park ranger was the absolute nicest. He found us a spot, helped us with firewood, and was just lovely. Cold and sorta the middle of nowhere, but worth a trip.

Did a slow drive home and stopped at ghost towns and abandoned places. Anthony's favorite.

Somewhere near Orderville, UT.

Around Widtsoe, UT.

This is in Osiris, Utah.

Little Wonder Cafe in Richfield. 
About the only thing open that day. Decent burger.

Manti! First time there.

Had to watch Season 2.

My least favorite holiday, but probably their favorite.

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