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Archives - Sept 2017

Looks like last September started off with Penny Ann's. I love their breakfast nachos, plus them come with a side of heavenly hot cakes, and it's amazing.

We tried the neighborhood newish spot East Liberty Tap House. I probably owe it another try, but this visit was pretty mediocre.

Howdy Homemade opened up, and they are doing such great things. I feel like there's a dearth of excellent ice cream shops here, so I'm happy to see a new one around. Plus the Dr Pepper choc chip ice cream is tops.

Labor Day weekend - we managed to score a last minute campsite at Goblin Valley! They are always booked, and I just happened to look at the site a few days before. We headed down to a heatwave in central Utah.

It was only about 102 degrees.

Not a lot of shade around. We took lots of breaks and chugged lots of water.

We ventured into Little Wildhorse Canyon - way more shade there, thank goodness.

Trying out our new cast iron oven. Realized we didn't have a lid lifter or hot pads. Whoops. Anthony burned the hair off his knuckles.
We love, love, love this tent we got as a wedding present.
More heat before heading home.

We stopped outside Price to look at some ghost town stuff. Anthony loves abandoned mines and old towns.

I watched the little ones for a few days while their parents were out of town. They're the best.

They were good, so we got cupcakes. Or rather, I just wanted them so.... these are probably my favorite ones in Utah.

Anthony got away from drill weekend to come play too. This is probably the last drill he ever did, and I haven't seen his chin since. He's rocking the full beard now that he can.

Auntie Kimber came to town to take over the kid watching duties so I could get back to work. We took the kiddos to the zoo one day. I put Q on the zebra for a minute and she hated it. Quickly said 'all done!' and that was the end of that.

We came to Lala's house and played with all my shoes.
Then my birthday celebrations! Uncle Tanner flew in also and we started off at Pizza Nono.

Actual birthday dinner at Provisions.

And birthday Sunday at church and then the park with friends.

This photo is what pops up every time he calls me.

Birthday present from coworker! Rachel knows me.

Finally got a humidifier!

We had a church activity for the Young Women and Krystle did the most amazing decorations.

Kari Ann came to town and in honor of her Italian roots, we had Caputo's.

Saturday exploration out on the salt.

And finally I baked a cake that's not too pretty, but it tasted delicious. And with my new wedding present of a cake dome, it stayed fresh for days!

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