Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Archives - August 2018

When I wasn't in NYC or California, here's what I did.

Train to Ogden for Ogden Twilight. It's the easiest thing.

Chvrches.  I love them. Was excited to see them, but this show was just a little too crowded.

First anniversary in the books.

We ran around all day, hit the cat cafe and finished the day at the movies (BlackkKlansman).

Fresh meal.

Abe's birthday.

Weird drink at Curry Fried Chicken.

My first year at Salt Lake Parade of Homes! I'd kinda always wanted to go, but shrugged it off, until this year. I saw lots of lovely things. Trends I noticed - painted interior doors, multiple living spaces (like 2 living rooms, 2 kitchens), open landing areas at the top of stairs, sliding barn doors (of course), and built in fridges.  Here are some highlights.

Little break for Bluebird Cafe at Sundance - my favorite summer event.

We snoozed on tickets this year and ended up on the lawn. It was okay. It's quite a steep lawn.

Back to houses. 

Nifty, huh? Hide your TV with artwork.

I want this.

Little H started kindergarten!

How I feel a lot of the time.

Scary sky.

Officially done with grad school!

We went exploring out west at Deseret Peak.

Stopped at some ruins on the way home.

And since we were on the west side, we got some snow cream. I've missed this stuff since I left LA. They definitely have more American sweet flavors here - all I wanted was black sesame and taro.

I ordered some Georgetown Cupcake for a friend, but of course took a couple for myself. I sure wish we had one closer. They do ship well, it's just pricey.

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