Friday, April 12, 2019

California Girls - August 2018

Right after I got home from NYC, I packed another bag and went to California. My grandparents have had a timeshare at a beachside condo near San Diego for basically my whole life, and my mom opted to use a week and have a girls weekend - my sisters-in-law and nieces came too. Oh, and dad got to come since he's the moneybags.

I flew with Courtney and the little ones from Utah.

We sat together and it was great.

The view of the pier I always remember from childhood.

Except the place has had a few updates to get in line with today's technology.

We also got to celebrate H's 5th birthday.

Most days we were at the beach. This beach used to be a lot bigger, way more sand, but it now encroaches on the street.

Kimber brought her big camera and took some pro shots.

I also remember usually being cold here in the summers, but the week we were there was SO hot. Even at night, opening all the windows (no AC) I couldn't get a breeze to cool me off for anything. Thank goodness for ice cream.

San Diego Zoo day!

While we were eating lunch (pretty soon after we got there) we asked the littles what they wanted to do in the afternoon, which animals to see. H said - let's go back to the condo. Nope - wrong answer.

Ended the day with a ride on the sky tram.

Last night there, we grabbed dinner at the marina.

Last bit of beach time - yay California.

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