Saturday, April 06, 2019

Austin! July 2018

Austin! Always a good time, and this time, Anthony got to come. We visited Meghan and did all sorts of things in the Texas summer heat.

Art at the airport greeted us. And then we got kolaches by Meghan's house, but they weren't very good.

First dining out in Austin should always be Emmer & Rye. I love this place so much. Seasonal American food served dim sum style, and I even love the decor and font. So much style.

I don't have a photo of the tomato sorbet with basil oil that was a palate cleanser - it knocked my socks off in a good way. And this is about the only photo I took with Meghan the whole weekend.

Per tradition we got hot and fresh donuts and walked through the crazy of Rainey St to hang out at the Kimpton hotel for a bit.

We made it to early, early church the next day (8:30am!) and then ventured to find the World Cup on TV.  We chose poorly when we chose Pluckers Wing Bar - we didn't know better. They mostly weren't open for awhile, and many people hung out on their patio, hoping they'd open up early on a Sunday and show some games. They eventually turned on games outside, but didn't open inside for awhile. Food was not good, but whatever.

LBJ Library. I like Presidential Libraries. Not sure Anthony is with me on that one though...

Anthony was a Vista!

Next stop, Graffiti Park. It was hot and humid and the trash stench was gross. We didn't last long, but it was kinda cool to see.

Sunday afternoon we drove north of Austin to a suburb where my best friend since 7th grade lives. Minon and her family moved to Austin right as we got married, and luckily she was able to come to Utah for that. This time I got to visit her and her gang of 6 kids. They had just gotten pet crabs with painted shells.

Anthony is always making friends with the kids and pets.

Just like old times. We don't see each other much or get to talk often, but it's always the same.

Monday brunch at Texas French Bread. Then some neighborhood wandering.

Meghan had to yell at Anthony - stop looking so constipated! He eventually complied.

Monday afternoon we snagged an entrance spot for the Blue Hole in Wimberly. When you come to Texas in the summer, you've gotta hit a swimming hole. This one is great!

Shade, swings, picnic areas, and limited crowds. Two thumbs up!

Had to stop at Gourdoughs on the way home. Of course Anthony didn't eat any. He's just not that into sweets. And we had Torchy's too.

Bat time! It was a good show.

On Tuesday our flight left later in the day, and Meghan was back at work, so we drove over to Houston for a very quick trip to see Anthony's sister. She lives with her dad and his wife there, and they don't see each other much. I'm glad we made the trip, even if we could only see her for a few hours.

I see a resemblance.... 

When Anthony was a kid and his mom lived in Texas, he'd come down to Houston in the summers to hang out. And he served a mission in Texas, so he loved being back.
Always a good time in Texas. We'll be back, I'm sure.

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