Friday, April 19, 2019

Archives - Sept 2018

I'd never been to Swiss Days in Midway, but hey, I've got Swiss ancestors, so Courtney and I went up and took H with us.

There's some famous delicious cookie place. I bought a couple cookies, and some jigsaw puzzles, and some wrapping paper from some place that's also supposed to be good. Whatever.

H had to show me her new helmet too.

I finally hiked the Living Room! I got lost the last time and didn't make it, so I gave up for 4.5 years. I went with my YW from church.

We celebrated Ryan and Maddie's wedding. Ryan is Courtney's brother - so we share nieces.

I dig the Hardware Building, and if we had gotten married in the winter, I would've picked this place.

We hiked at Silver Lake Reservoir in Utah County. It's pretty stunning.

And of course, Anthony went for a dip.

We tried the Rising Bun on the way home. They have clever dish names.

Another YW activity one evening - this time at the Family History Library. They made some updates fairly recently, and there's a really cool experience you can do to learn about your own family.

Where my people come from.

Always a fun surprise with these.

Everyone should read this book.

Quite a bad photo, but that's Florence + the Machine down there. She is incredible.

My birthday plus the 9th and 9th Festival!

I love our neighborhood.

We walked down to Freshie's to give it a try. It's amazing, but man, lobster rolls are expensive.

Later that evening we went to Gourmandise. I wanted pastries after watching the Great British Baking Show.

One of my gifts.

Tanner and Kimber ordered Dough Co for me and had it delivered on my birthday! That was a lovely surprise.

Another gift.

My own gift.

Have I mentioned I'm obsessed with this child?

Food truck night before it closes up for the season.

Me and Megh. A couple days before we'd just seen Flight Facilities. I love that they deemed SLC a stop on their tour, considering they're coming all the way from Australia.

Howdy Homemade! Worth a stop when you need ice cream.

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