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Archives - December 2018

Since it'll take me ages to get through the India posts, we'll skip those for now.

I got home from India in mid-December, went from the airport to the Habit to get a burger, and here's onward from there. Nieces winter dance recital.
Treats after dance.

Always finding the neighborhood cat.

I really wanted to get into the Christmas spirit with only 2 weeks to go, and after not seeing any Christmas stuff in India, so Anthony and I went to Home Depot and got their last tiny tree. It was a sad one left, bare in the back and some wonky branches, but we took it home and tried to dress it up.

December 17 - first day of a new job! And weirdest time to start. Here's a snap from my new commute. It really was amazing how this new gig came together, and I got to take a 3-week break and travel in between. I needed it.
I went to 3 days of orientation (including one they do quarterly), and then my boss basically told me to go home and come back in January (since they closed up for a holiday week). Pretty rad. 

YW Christmas party and gift exchange.

Costco had a rad deal on iPhones and Taylor wanted us to switch to his plan to lower costs all around, so we braved it the Saturday before Christmas and got new phones. Turns out T-Mobile totally messed up our rebate situation, but a couple months later Costco was rad and fixed it all. Otherwise we'd be out $750 and I would've been so mad. Last photo from the old phone before it turned off forever!

Anthony and I kept Christmas simple since I just went to India and bought all the things. I got lots of kombucha and a sweet card.

He got a new phone, tickets to an upcoming Black Queen concert, and some good stuff for his dried out construction worker skin. He started a roofing job right around here after getting burned out at the psych hospital.  Early start times, long and cold days, but he's a hard worker.

Christmas Eve we helped "Santa" assemble the bunk beds for children. They sure didn't know how Santa got those beds into their room in the middle of the night.

Christmas morning! Quinn said - "we got things!"

I got them matching nightgowns. Hallie didn't take hers off for a couple days.

Christmas breakfast.

I made this easy breakfast casserole and can recommend.

In the afternoon we went to the Roberts for awhile.


Trying to recreate Nestor's amazing popcorn that I had with them in India. He makes a cinnamon butter thing that's so good. I need a stovetop popcorn pot!

Winter arrived.

From Tanner and Kimber. The best.

Two days after Christmas I left home to go to the gym and found this lovely surprise waiting for me. Ugh. At least it was over break when I had time to fix it and didn't really have anywhere I had to be.

Wedding reception time for an old coworker, Ryan. We clean up okay.

Meghan and almost-fiance Kevin were in town. We had brunch at Rye and then hot chocolate at Hatch, where we found this gigantic icicle.

Anthony and his kinetic sand.

Some app made an image of the colors found from my Instagram account in the last year. Kinda fun.
New Years Eve - we met Tay and company at the Rising Bun in Lehi. They have fun names for their food, like the Krispie Yum-aguchi.

View from Brandon and Sami's house.

I finished!

Naomi invited us a to a NYE party at the home of Katie's sister, so we sorta knew a bunch of people there. It was a solid party and one of the more fun years, since I usually keep it low-key. We ended up dancing past midnight. That hasn't happened in awhile.

Vivian even made it to midnight too. Happy 2019!

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