Friday, June 28, 2019

Archives - January 2019

Happy 2019!

Looks like we started the year off right with a home cooked meal.

I watched LOTR over the break. Only the first one was on Netflix. I wish there other two were. Also I forget how dark this show is. So good, but dark.

Workin' man on the roof. So cold. I couldn't do it.

Favorite meal items. Warm soup, Cheez-itz, and a Dr Pepper.

Starting to sort through Sundance options - lots to see! I organize and research and try and maximize my time.


Frozen water bottle.

We had a gift card to the OG from Christmas, so duh, we had to use that thing. At like 430pm on a Friday.

Post-OG we got some real gelato. Sweetaly's pistachio is the best.

Celisse's birthday! She was in town for work and got to celebrate with her regular gal pals.
I prefer Social Axe over the other place in town. They did a better job of teaching us and giving us ideas on games to play. Plus it's more spacious than the other place.

My butterfly.

Getting into that free weekly lunch at work.

Cleaning out the young women's closet at church. Found some materials from the 1970s or so - this is totally Sally Field, right?

Harmons lunch. I could live in here.

Kimber attempted to come to Utah, and her suitcase made it and she didn't. I had to go rescue it from the airport. Too many skiers taking up seats on the plane.

We tried Kathmandu Grill for the first time. Really good. And more things on the menu here that I actually saw in India. Like thalis, parathas, and momos.

We tried an escape room one night. It was last minute, so we had to join random strangers, which was fine, but would've been more fun with friends. We also didn't quite get out of the room so...gotta do it again.

Flew to Chicago for work. At least it was the week before the crazy, crazy cold. It was still cold enough.

Yay for public transport. Except for at the end of my trip when my wallet got stolen in a train station on my way to the airport. That wasn't fun. But I've now gotten through TSA without having ID twice now.

Stayed at the Blackstone - I need some character.

Walked to work at the Prudential Plaza.

First night dinner with Derrick and Will. They're so great and so was this food, even though it was a limited weekend menu.

Thankful for a ride home from Derrick.

So cold. Ugh.

Office views.

Another night dinner with Imagin.

Work dinner one night at Frontera Grill with churros at Xoco afterwards.

Hotel lobby

Last night in town for me, Jody and I managed to walk right into Girl & the Goat and get a table. So, so good.

Can't wait to go back.

On the plane home, without a wallet, this is all I had to eat.

Anthony showed up curbside with pizza.

New hairs.

Meghan and I tried the crepe place. It was okay, too much dijon mustard. And I love mustard.

Anthony's buddy got married up in Logan. We went up early that day so I could see my friend Chris, who I know from DC and who I haven't seen in at least 12 years. It's a pretty drive, but sometimes scary in the winter. Luckily we had great weather.

Chris teaches at USU, so we had a campus tour. Current art exhibit. 

We had lunch with Chris and his family, then hung out a bit at their house. Always so great to see DC friends.

Now wedding time for Chris and Kiya.

The habibs.

The venue

The mostly final lineup for Sundance.

So great living a couple blocks from the Tower.

YW bowling night.

And that's January.

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