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Archives: April 2019

April stuff. Anthony was working out of town in his roofing job. He'd send me photos of his magnificent beard.

I discovered Nathan Pyle and his comics are excellent.

More roofing photos from Wyoming.

Gas was free this day, I guess.

While Anthony was away, I went down a YouTube rabbit hole of favorite performances.

Went to the Jordan River temple one night with Meghan and Heather. Lovely views out front with Potstickers Plus 1 afterward.

Anthony and I drove west for Curry Pizza. It's super good. And yes, the have normal Italian style pizzas if you don't want a curry sauce.

And they are super friendly and it's totally worth the drive.

And then if you're out in that neighborhood, you should stop at Shirokuma for snow cream. I asked them to please make a black sesame one. I recommend the taro with mochi and red bean.

I think this is hilarious.

And this is our marriage.

Conference weekend! I ordered dough from Waffle Love. It's beautiful.

But before the waffles, rarebit fries at Proper. Plus NCAA basketball.

There's the beautiful waffles. I made a couple at home before I decided to share the dough with people on Sunday morning conference watching.

Meal prep. I actually did pretty well with Clean Simple Eats. Making your own salad dressing is also the way to go.

Pandamonium week at work - the product and engineering internal conference. We had a team activity at Sur la Table. I always love doing this, and we tried the dim sum menu for this class.

I ate so many egg tarts at the end.

More Wyoming beard.

I didn't buy tickets to Ben Folds with the Utah Symphony, but Meghan did and when her date fell through, I stepped in. Ben is such a musical genius, and it's incredible to watch him compose things on the fly with a whole symphony at his disposal. If you have 15 minutes to spare, you should watch it here. And someone pulled off a saxophone solo in there. It's beautiful and hilarious.

Post-concert snack at Cheesecake Factory which we ate at Harmons.

Back to work conference. We rented out a movie theater.

One of the engineering teams invited me to their team activity. We raced. I was last.

This is Anthony.

By the power of social media, I realized that my cousin had arrived from her cross-country move from Virginia AND that my high school friend, Tasha, was in town to run a marathon on her quest to run one in each state. Tasha and cousin Julie (who's from AZ) had met in grad school in Oklahoma, so it was a worlds colliding thing, and I made sure we could all meet up for dinner. I probably haven't seen Tasha since high school? So this was super great. Also got to meet Tasha's husband Scott, who is great.

Pandamonium work fun continued with the after party at someone's house. We played games on Jackbox, which is really fun. And PG-13 rated. Ha.

Marathon day for Tasha! The race went by my house, so I popped outside to cheer her on.

Niece and nephew time.

Little Q has been practicing her balance.

I gave her a ride home so she didn't have to wait on her sister's swim photos. She is so fun.

We tried Founding Flavors ice cream down south. Lots of great sounding flavors, but it wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. I guess nothing compares to Salt and Straw.

Spring was on the way.

With our impending move, we decided to let the neighborhood cat into our house one time. He follows us around anyway, so this time we said yes to his request to enter.

More spring in the neighborhood.

Hanging at the Roberts.

We ate this pan of lasagna forever. I really should invite people over when I make this. We can't eat it all.

We tried a new Indonesian place in Sandy. Two thumbs up.

My mom sent me this cute photo of my grandma, since they were visiting AZ.

Saturday adventure day. We drove out to an old mining town. Anthony's favorite thing to do. Hello, Utah Lake.

Also a horrible thing happened out here and now there is a memorial.

Worker timecards from the 60s. There used to be a huge pile of them that Anthony had seen before, but this time only a few were left, and the others had been burned.

We drove into another town to look at more old buildings. People do live around here, but there's lots of abandoned stuff.

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