Friday, August 23, 2019

Williams 65th Anniversary Party

Some time in 2018 the Williams clan advised that we would all need to gather on June 1 for Grandma and Grandpa's 65th wedding anniversary. So, that's what we did. They wanted a celebration with all their posterity, and I wasn't going to miss it, even it was the 3rd AZ trip in about four months.

We kicked off the gathering in Mesa with the Kleck clan. Always fun to see cousins.  Plus pool time and pizza.

Bahama Bucks! Even if I can get it in Bountiful now, I have to get it in Mesa. Kinda mad they removed my favorite flavor though.

Saturday - the big day! Grandparents reserved the church building, invited friends and family, smoked a ton of meat for BBQ sandwiches, and requested a musical program. Quite a feat for 65 years. Not a lot of people will ever reach that.

My dad is standing up in the middle here.

Dad was the emcee for the afternoon. I had to do a couple musical numbers, a little sing-a-long and a trio with Sarah and Laura on the violin and flute. I found that out about a week before. Here's a link to a sort of painful video with dad and his cousins singing....

And here's what mostly happens at Carpenter/Williams reunions:

They cut a cake.

All of the cousins made it, except Taylor's whole family and Julie's husband. Courtney stayed home with the new baby and other kiddos. Too hard for a short trip.

Pretty special people.

Kimber took pro family photos for us.

Sunday before we headed out, we broke the Sabbath for La Pinata. This is the Tia Carlotta dish - a green corn tamale topped with chicken and cheeses and it's so dang good.

Adios, AZ. Til next time!

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