Friday, August 30, 2019

Archives - June 2019

When I was in SLC during June, here's what I was doing.

Checking on little H's teeth.

Hanging out in brother's backyard.

Tried Bok Bok chicken in Utah County. Pretty good. Small joint, limited menu, only go if you're craving Korean fried chicken and you want to eat while standing or in your car. But quite delicious.

My old condo got a big facelift! And a price raise!

Stopping to smell the roses.

New dresser for the new casa.

Auntie Kimber came to town and all the girls (plus baby Archer) came over to play.

We had dinner at Mellow Mushroom in a rainstorm. And dessert at Dough Co.

Dance recital time.

Getting internet at the new house took quite awhile. We had Google Fiber at the old place, and sadly it's not available in the new neighborhood and probably never will be. I tried to avoid Comcast and signed up instead with CenturyLink, however, after making an appointment online, they called the day before and cancelled it. Why? Because my neighborhood wiring was messed up and they were re-running lines everywhere and couldn't tell me when it would be done. Days? Weeks? Months? So yeah, I signed up with Comcast. And had to get a new modem since they end-of-lifed the one I already had.

Desk shopping for the new casa.

New place opened around Murray. Beirut Cafe - it's delicious.

It's not fall, but I guess I made some amazing chili.

And then enjoyed it on our back patio with our new outdoor chairs. Yay home ownership. 

 This terrifies me. The internet is already terrible enough.

Finished the 1500 piece puzzle at work! this one was a doozy.

Nice backyard sunset.

We went to Meghan's one night before art walk. I tried to get in the 4th of July mood.


We went to World Refugee Day in Murray, had some delicious Syrian food, watched some dancing, and took in a soccer match.

Tanner and Kimber took some photo shoot food out to Ashley, who just moved to Texas. Love when I can connect people in other cities.

New hairs.

Our first little housewarming party! It was a low key Sunday evening thing and turned out really fun.

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