Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Archives - May 2019

Back to May - we bought a house! We closed May 1. Still getting used to lawn work and utility bills (hello water bill with sprinklers). But it's really lovely - the neighborhood and ward are great, we love having space and a back patio. All is good. 

I have quite the series going on Instagram where I receive emails intended for other Laurens. Here are a few gems.

I had to look up this person...

Mom & Dad came into town for Archer's blessing day. We went to Caputo's for lunch.

House stuff - someone picked this as a backsplash for the kitchen. Pretty awesome, right?

We went shopping for a desk and nightstands. I pretty much hate all the styles around here, so Ikea it is.

Niece and nephew time.

We were hiding from monsters. As long as we're quiet, it can't get us.

Grandparents meeting Archer.

Quinn the photographer took this.

Courtney's family. I mostly posted this so you can see what Quinn is doing. She's my favorite. Oh, and sweet Grandpa Gene has left us. This is the last photo I have of him.

We slowly moved stuff from our apartment to our house. Anthony's friends helped us on the final push, to get the big pieces out and the whole place clean. We bought everyone breakfast to say thanks. We really couldn't have done it without them.

Snow Patrol came to town. It's only been 7 years. I didn't get to recreate my photo with Gary, but that's okay.

Anthony had some funemployment time in May to figure out his life, and he and Danny went to Moab for a few days.

Meanwhile I was exploring the new hood.

And seeing the kiddos.

Finally tried One More Noodle House. It's a thumbs up from me.

My cousin Lindsay found these photos of childhood and sent them to me.

I went to Florida for work for two days. It was kind of annoying to make it so quick and fly for so long, but the school visits we did were good. And then that's Lou Holtz sitting in the background.

And there's the campus of UCF, about the only photo I took.

Also my eye got wacky due to stress, right in the middle of the trip.

Carol came into town and we had dinner with Kim. This is the best trio of ladies. DC friends forever.


Meghan got married! And all the Phoenix people came into town. I didn't know they'd all be here and it was such a fun surprise.

The lovely Meghan and Kevin.

They had their reception in a very cool building - it used to be a ladies literary society.

Meg loves cake and so do I. Hooray for a cake bar.

Thank goodness Anthony moved my precious rug from India before he sat down to enjoy chips and salsa.

Yay Sephora sale. I think I'm on board with Drunk Elephant.

Little H got her face painted. She's adorable.

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