Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Bathroom Break? You Won't be Disappointed

This evening I remembered another thing to look forward to as I travel home this week - America's Best Restroom! Yes indeed, it can be found at the airport nearest my hometown. in Ft. Smith, AR.

The city built a new airport a few years ago, unbeknownst to me when I traveled home one summer. We touched down, screeched past the airport that I knew, and I was really confused. I walked down the stairs off the plane and into some strange building that I'd never seen before. My mom hadn't bothered to tell me that they built a entire new airport! I'd say 50% of their budget went into the restrooms...not that I'm complaining, since I hate public restrooms.

Other fun things I'm looking forward to (besides family, my dog, and friends): cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper at Sonic, ribs at KP's gas station, and hours of fun at the Walmart Supercenter.

1 comment:

Andre said...

Does someone come in and wipe your butt for you?

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