Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Day is Over

Thank goodness. Today sucked. It's been a tough week. I can't really complain though; in the grand scheme of things I've lucked out. My worst days would probably seem really, really good to some people. I'm usually super happy and chill and not too much bothers me. I got steamrolled today though for some reason - the forces are against me.

Work was alright, until I volunteered to stay late to help on a rush mailing project. I was supposed to meet N at the mall for some dress shopping around 7:15 (meaning I needed to leave at 6), but I figured I could stick around for awhile and help out. Good to show I'm a team player in a pinch, right? So I waited for a bit, and waited some more. Sadly things were still rolling off the printer at 7 and I had to leave. I really don't like waiting for the bus when it's dark and cold; luckily a bus came shortly after I went outside, cause it had just started raining. We're rolling along, then BAM! Cops EVERYWHERE ahead. The entire road was blocked - helicopters and searchlights cut through the air. My bus driver managed to cut his way over a couple lanes so that we could take a detour, but we were still delayed. I get to the metro - 9 minutes til the next train. It seriously felt like it stopped for loooong minutes at each station. Ugh. The mall was going to close at 930. My frustration reached a peak and I called N to tell her to forget it. Then I decided that 45 minutes of shopping is better than nothing, since the event is in 48 hours. I finally got there at 840 and ran straight to the dress section of Macy's. Lots of things to choose from, plus I have a 20% off coupon. Eck - think again. I browsed and eventually grabbed 3 things to try on. I have to find something! N and J browed for more while I tried stuff on, but I only found one thing that might work. If I'm going to spend $200 on a dress (even if mom's buying), I want to LOVE it, not just settle.

If you ever want to put yourself in a depressing mood, try and find a dress for a special event. I forgot how terrible it is. Sure, I was way pysched before, especially with my mom's offer. I looked online, had some ideas, and was really excited to get to it. So many great options out there - a chance to look fabulous for an evening. Much easier said than done. Even with my gym time and buying smaller pants, I swear you still have to get dresses 2 sizes up. And dressing room lighting isn't flattering in the least. We ran though a couple more stores, including Nordy which had very little to choose from. Really disappointing selection.

Sigh. Back to it tomorrow. I know my mom wanted to cheer me up with a shopping spree, but I can see myself getting frustrated and not even wanting to go. Where's my personal shopper when I need her?

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