Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What's your secret?

JR came down to DC this past weekend; 3rd time's the charm. On Saturday we walked through the city and stumbled upon the Post Secret exhibit in Georgetown. I'd seen an email circulating about it, but didn't really realize where it was - the old Staples in Gtown (memories of school days gone by!). We passed by and my lil' heart jumped with excitement.

People fascinate me. I have to believe that all these secrets are true. I don't doubt that. Some are heartbreaking, some are angering, some are sexy, from all sorts of world citizens. I'm tempted to mail in one of my own - I've got some doozies in there somewhere, I'm sure. We all have things that we never share. Is that a bad thing? Or are we supposed to find someone to share all with? It's funny to think about our relationships - each person we know only gets a piece of us; rarely the whole. There are some pieces that we share with everyone, other sections that we rarely show, and a small slice of things that no one will ever know. How much can you keep from a best friend/spouse/relative?

The exhibit is in DC til January 8, then heads to Philadelphia. I'd suggest you take a visit and relfect upon your own secrets.

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