Monday, December 12, 2005

Christmas Cheer!

I spent the weekend in a flurry of holiday activities, much to my delight. See, I'm worried that this Christmas really isn't going to feel like Christmas. That's what happens when my family stays in OK, versus traveling to see the rest of the family in Arizona. We never did much around our house to invite holiday cheer, since we'd be gone for the week around Christmas. But now that 66% of the kids are out of the house, my mom wants to start the OK gathering. I hope the whole Christmas mood doesn't just fly over OK without making a stop, like most airplanes do.

Hence trying to do lots of Christmas stuff all month long, and this weekend was a success. I caught Narnia on Friday after some Chinatown dinner with friends. My friend Bill (who I've know since elementary school and after many years apart now lives here in DC) sings in an a capella choir that did a concert at the quaint chapel on Georgetown campus on Saturday night, so I went back to the Hilltop for a little music. I ended up running into several people that I haven't seen in ages - that's what happens at Mormon gatherings. Nice to catch up with people. Found out that a girl I knew who moved to Hawaii a few years ago just got engaged - through instant messanger despite never meeting the guy in person! Wild. I'm afraid that's what it's going to come down for me though.

Sunday was the Christmas program at church, and it was fantastic as always! There's just something about Christmas music that really brings it all together. Sunday night was even MORE music, at the 2nd annual Deal Place wassail gathering. Food, friends, and group singing. Good times all around.

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