Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Recollection

I really don't even remember much of this week - it's a blur. Weeks like this make me wonder what I'm doing with my life, if it wasn't even memorable. Guess not every week can take on a stand-out status though.

Friday got stressful at work. I was looking forward to a relatively easy day, but no - I got pulled into a proposal. Fun, fun fun. For me, that requires me to bug people to send me information that I otherwise have to make up, since I know nothing about them. Or I have to look up past company projects that happened while I was still in high school and write up interesting, informative descriptions about our corporate capabilities, and crap like that. Real fun, since I was paying attention to that stuff back in the late 90s. I know I'm contributing to the overall well-being of the company, blah, blah, blah, since we need $ and work, but it just kinda sucks, especially on a sunny Friday afternoon. Not fun for anyone to do. Suffering is a bonding experience apparently - we'll see what comes of this.

I did manage to squeeze in some Rita's on Friday though. First day of the season - I needed it! We took a little road trip up north, and after getting lost a couple times we finally found the red-striped cool haven. I'll be going back many, many times this summer. Mmmm......

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