Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sunny Super Saturday

Saturday was a near-perfect day. I need sun in my life - life is just so much better that way, ya know?

I was finally going to take a step in the right GMAT/grad school/London direction, and sit for a practice exam on Maryland's campus. It's been 15 months since I was lit with the London fire, yet I still haven't moved on that. Hmm...lazy? Or busy? Or I just know I'm not going til at least 2007? I dunno. Anyway, Jack, his lady friend and I met up to take the test, though he was quick to announce that since he hadn't prepped in any way, shape or form for this, he was gonna grab a copy of the test and take it home, as our registration email said we could do. Immediately my mind started spinning. I'm gonna be left alone in this strange room, in the basement of some campus building on the most gorgeous day so far in 2006. Hmm...

We found the room, and the proctor lady (this whole thing was a sales pitch for Kaplan, but I knew that going in and didn't mine) worked very hard to get us to stay. Jack was out for sure, but I thought, I'm here, came all this way, I need to get it done, so I sat down to fill in those fun bubble sheets. Woo hoo standardized tests!

I sat for a few minutes, waiting for the test to start, and I thumbed through all the bazillion colored flyers in our test booklet. I started reading about getting our scores, then quickly realized I'd have to come all the way back to College Park, to the Kaplan office, to get my score. Uh, no way! Me - no car, never in that area, no time to get to that area...uh no. I grabbed my stuff and sprinted out after Jack, praying he hadn't yet left. Thank goodness I caught him. My afternoon was saved!

I headed to the Mall with B as soon as I got home for some picnic action; the sun was glorious, though we couldn't find enough space to play frisbee. Later we went to Georgetown to see Match Point. I'm on a new MP tirade - if you haven't seen it - do it! Awesome movie - I had no idea I'd love it that much. And JRM, you are looking better than ever. Mmm.

Ran into an old Gtown friend on M St. Ah, another reason to love this city. Plus I got to go grocery shopping at the Social Safeway. I miss that place. I was so jealous of all the students there who'd just returned from spring break that very day - I need a tan! Soon enough, soon enough....

I settled into bed a tad early for a Saturday night. Sometimes it's nice to just chill, cause I can't always keep up with the party scene. The day ended with tasty midnight snack.

Pretty darn close to a perfect day. Let's see what this weekend holds :)

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