Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Just Another Manic Wednesday

Feels like Monday to me though, since I bummed around at home for two days being sick. I was so glad to get back into the office today - I'm too social of a person. I need interaction with people to function normally. Still not feeling 100%, but I had to get back to productivity, too. Being a bum is nice for awhile, but after 2 days I'm ready to bounce back into life (unless, of course, I've been on a beach in Belize).

After the doc appointment yesterday (and I didn't see the usual hot doc - argh), I strolled down M st to meet up with Niki to commute home together. Popped into J. Crew quickly, got a glimpse of gorgeous spring/summer clothes, and I'm ready for the beach! I could almost smell the sand and feel the sun on my skin. Can't wait.

Therefore, I hit the gym like mad today. Ran nearly 3 miles, came home did some crazy Basedow weight training and another half hour of Pilates. Two hours later, I'm already feeling it. Gonna be a tough morning!

LOST was good tonight - I'm still confused as to where exactly the show is going, but it moved forward a little bit. I think it's time for bed. This girl needs some rest.

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