Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Consumerism Craziness

I'm devouring lately. Everything I see - clothes, food, even toothpaste (not that I eat all those things, I just buy them).

I'm on one of my occasional kicks where I'm non-stop hungry and feel the need to constantly eat. Yesterday at lunch I bounced all over the cafeteria. Do I want that yummy pizza with chicken, pesto and sun-dried tomatoes? That looks soooo good, but wait - they have lasagna and it's cold outside. Mmm...Love me some of that, and it's nice and warm. But wait! They have the Tuscan chicken sandwich, with bruschetta and Parmesan and white bean spread. Mmmm...! And the lady in front of me is getting a wrap with tomato and mozzarella! I seriously contemplated buying 3 lunches.

After work I had to drop into CVS to pick up a couple kitschy spring-time decorations for a party, and planned to grab just a couple necessities like shampoo and toothpaste. Do ya know how long it took me to pick out the basics? Like half an hour..... I wanted to try everything! Especially all the makeup that was on sale. Even the toothpaste aisle was fun - lots of good sales. You should really check it out. Forty minutes later I left the store with plenty of fun things in hand, ready to try out this morning.

All this after a weekend of shopping in NYC. You'd thinkI'd be satiated. Eight hours of some of the best shopping in the world and 14 bags to carry around, yet I continue.... What's next?


Andre said...

I staaaarted to sympathize with you about your financial situation...but obviously it aint that bad! LOL

No pity for JOO!

Anonymous said...

You must be pregnant again...dangit!

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