Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I know I've professed hate for Nickelback many a time, but I think I've listened to their new song about 131 times in the last 24 hours. Go ahead, bring on the shame. Now that we've got that outta the way....

Long weekend was good, yet horribly, horribly bad for the wallet. Horribly. I am putting the credit cards away for good. I must! Friday night was awful and rainy - what else to do but hit the mall? In all honesty, most of the purchases I made were things that I actually need. I know you think I'm justifying myself, but really. Example - I walk to work now, and usually wear heels/dress shoes while at work. Summer's great - I can walk in flip flops. But what about the winter? No, I can't do sneakers. I've always had something against sneakers with anything but athletic wear. So I bought some flat-ish shoes that I can walk in and work in. And I need a pair of casual shoes to wear with jeans/khakis, since my other pair is finally falling apart. A legitimate replacement. I don't think I really needed to buy designer jeans, but I did. And they're hot. Not just hot, H-O-T-T hot. They're an investment. I will be rushing to a consignment shop this week to sell off old things...... cash is good!

I managed to buy a new bed at Ikea too. B is moving away and offered to give me his sweet mattress, since I hooked him up with it when he first got to DC. I had to upgrade the bedframe to a queen, but managed to get some decent bucks for the old one on Craigslist. CL is seriously amazing - 2 responses in the first 5 minutes after I posted, and about 8 in two hours. Who is browsing CL on a Sunday night of a long weekend? How does one pick the non-flaky person out of those? Let's hope I did....

Saturday morning was my long-awaited facial at the Aveda Institute. Students at the Institute are in training and prices are quite a bit cheaper, so I had lowered my expectations a bit. No reason - it was amazing! Soooo relaxing. Ninety minutes, and I felt a glimpse of heaven. Everyone should get one. I promise you'll be happier. Dark room, soft music, whispers, good scents, hot towels, shoulder/arm/hand massages, cool, cleansing masks on your face. Wonderous.

Jendesu came over on Saturday night and brought the guest of honor - Settlers of Catan! Yeah, she ended up winning, but we've got a couple new converts to the game. Our house will soon be making that purchase.

We threw a little BBQ yesterday in honor of not laboring. Mostly Niki's friends, and we finally got rid of the beer that's been sitting in our fridge since someone brought it to our last party. Good thing, or I think it would've been there til 2013. I made a cake in honor of X's birthday, and all was fun.

Rain, rain, go away, or you're going to force me to buy rain boots. If that's the case, hope I can find some that aren't bright pink or green or covered with gigantic psychadelic patterns.

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