Thursday, September 28, 2006

Party On, People

It's been awhile. Guess what? I'm 26 now. Woo hoo. Still mid-20s, but inching closer to late-20s, then the big 3-0. Cool. I can handle it. Yeah.

My birthday turned out perfectly. I was so stressed about it. So stressed. Ridiculous. I wanted it small, just a handful of close friends, no big blow-out, no inviting every single person I've ever met. Time to tone it down a little bit.

I decided that bowling would be the perfect thing, despite the previous non-ability to show up at a time when they don't have a 2-hour wait. I looked into reserving lanes, but their rates were outrageous, even for 10 people. Not gonna happen. I took a chance and rolled with it anyway, scheduling my shindig (and X's too, cause his birthday was earlier in the month) on Saturday at noon. What if there was a wait? What if someone had booked the whole place for a special event? What if blah, blah, blah? I really am more of a control freak than I've been willing to admit. What if everyone showed up late and missed bowling because of the 2-hour or 2-game time limit they place on you?

Thankfully none of those things happened - the place was practically empty, meaning we pretty much had our own personal waiter AND people showed up relatively on time. We all got to bowl, good times for sure.

Afterwards we headed home for a BBQ and lounged for the rest of the afternoon. Yummy food - not too much, not too little. Great food, great company, some cool/wacky/humorous gifts, and I properly turned another year older.

Harbin 3 forever!

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Superstar said...

Sad. Makes me sad. I miss you guys!

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