Thursday, September 28, 2006

Little Luxuries

Fall TV + DVR = recording way too many television shows.

I used to just be a LOST girl. That's it - that was enough. Now I've started in with The Class, fully pledged my love to Project Runway, Next Top Model, going to probably watch the Bachelor (barf, I know), loved Betty La Fea tonight (Ugly Betty, whatever it is in ingles. This show was a hit in Spain when I lived there, though I didn't watch anything but futbol games), and of course, the all important Grey's Anatomy.

Still catching up on season 2 of Grey's - PE and I've been watching as many hours at a time as we can this past week. We're on for disc 4 tomorrow. Is it sad to admit that I'm nearly in tears at the end of each episode I've seen? The story lines of the main characters, the medical story lines, the music - wham. Great show. Love it, love it, love it.

PE and I swapped our music collections the other day during a Grey's marathon. We think alike when it comes to music we enjoy (except for that stupid Carbon Leaf. Go ahead, leave a comment, I dare you), so we stole a bit from each other. I've got lots of new stuff to love! Yay. Emerging favorites: Matt Pond PA (all of it. every single song), more Embrace, Cedars, live Coldplay that I was missing, old school Genesis and Guster that I had once upon a time, new Starsailor, and some classic Kenny Loggains. Sweet.

Other luxury of the week - after my fabulous cheap facial that felt like a million bucks at Aveda Institute, I returned for a hair cut. Cheap! And awesome! The student that cut my hair is graduating in 3 weeks, so she definitely knew what she was doing. 18 bucks. That's it. Plus a scalp and shoulder massage before she starts. I'm a full Aveda convert.

Good tv, good music, and a cheap haircut - that's almost all a girl needs.

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Superstar said...

Gotta love that girl who suggested DVR. UMMMMMM!! She deserves some treats.

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