Friday, September 01, 2006

Ushering in the Fall

This week has provided lots of run-ins with former coworkers and friends. Mix that with some happy hour specials, and that makes for good stories. :)

ACS, Al and I crashed Jacin's new place on Tuesday night, right by our favorite bar (heavy, heavy sarcasm there), The Front Page. Perfect location though. I love how life revolves around dowtown more and more. No more 'burbs, though I think I'm headed there tomorrow for some mega shopping. It's been ages since I went to Tyson's. I'm getting spoiled where I live and work, never having to travel to do anything. I'd best keep perspective or my VA friends will think I'm a snot when I don't want to go to Old Town.

Wednesday night was yet another goodbye to a former Sutton clan member, who's taking off to Boston. I'm glad we're all still in touch - we're all pretty different, but have a shared experience. I've now been nominated as the happy hour/gathering ring leader, so I'd best keep it up. Hopefully we'll crash McKenna's place in VT next!

Thursday night was megamix happy hour, with roommates, old work people, old work people who have moved on, new work people, former housemates, etc. The rain held off so we could enjoy the back deck at ESL. I've always wanted to go there and have heard rave reviews, but it's not what I expected at all. Not in the least. I think I owe it another visit at night before I dimiss.

Afterwards, AB came home with me and the roommates for some quality catch up time and dinner. It's about time that happened!

The weather is cool - I love bringing out the jackets and sweaters. Plan for the weekend is to clean out the closet, put away the summer stuff and bring out clothes for my favorite season. Ernesto - go away so we can barbecue!


Andre said...

Me had fun!

Jacinda said...

now... where can you get $1.75 Miller Lites and have sweaty dance sessions with a flock of inters/college kids... the Front Page is where it's happening!

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