Monday, September 11, 2006

You're Cinematic Razor-sharp

Snow Patrol just rocked my world. Finally, four months after the first scheduled date, and absolute sweetness. They took the stage at 12:04am and played for a solid 80 minutes. I think that was the 4th time I've seen them, and it was by far the most polished and best sounding set that I've heard. Everything clicked. They played maybe half of the new album (all my favs), and a lot of older stuff. Chasing Cars will never get old. They're gonna be in heavy rotation all this week. They'll be back in February - I'm so there.

Got to see Augustana open, which I've been excited about. I really enjoy the lead singer's voice - a little gruff and smoky sometimes, with a sweet falsetto. He mixed it up a little bit on my favorite song - Wasted - and I'm think I'm a convert.

Next up on the concert scene: Cedars, French Kicks, Matt Wertz, Vita Ruins, and Minus the Bear.

Time to settle into the new fluffy bed again. Ahhh....

God Bless America - We live on.

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