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Consumerism Craziness

I'm devouring lately. Everything I see - clothes, food, even toothpaste (not that I eat all those things, I just buy them).

I'm on one of my occasional kicks where I'm non-stop hungry and feel the need to constantly eat. Yesterday at lunch I bounced all over the cafeteria. Do I want that yummy pizza with chicken, pesto and sun-dried tomatoes? That looks soooo good, but wait - they have lasagna and it's cold outside. Mmm...Love me some of that, and it's nice and warm. But wait! They have the Tuscan chicken sandwich, with bruschetta and Parmesan and white bean spread. Mmmm...! And the lady in front of me is getting a wrap with tomato and mozzarella! I seriously contemplated buying 3 lunches.

After work I had to drop into CVS to pick up a couple kitschy spring-time decorations for a party, and planned to grab just a couple necessities like shampoo and toothpaste. Do ya know how long it took me to pick out the basics? Like half an hour..... I wanted to try everything! Es…

March Madness!

It's in full effect. And for the moment I'm number 1 in one of my pools! Woo hoo! I had no idea I'd get so into this..

Yesterday I found myself refreshing Sports Illustrated online every 60 seconds. Today I have to miss the Gtown game cause I'll be on a bus to NYC. I'll just hope they pull through the first round, then I can make all the rest of the games, most likely by skipping outta work and going to the gym during prime game time.

Bring on the madness - it's way fun!

Gotta Love the Crazies

They're everywhere. Here's another bit of entertainment from the hometown newspaper. I kinda wish I could've seen this one.
A Hodgen man took what appeared to be a protest against the government too far on Wednesday. Ronald S. Dehart, 57, has been booked into the LeFlore County Detention Center on charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.

Around 11:55 a.m. Wednesday the Poteau Police Department was flooded with pproximately 30 to 40 calls over a two minute period regarding an accident which resulted in a bus blocking several lanes of traffic at the intersection in front of Wal-Mart on North Broadway.

Before parking in the intersection Dehart reportedly rammed a motorist, who was in front of the bus waiting for the stop light to change, into the intersection.

When police arrived on the scene they found a man, later identified as Dehart, sitting on top of the bus screaming at motorists who were stopped. Dehart was scre…

Go Ahead, Stab Me in the Heart Again

Image me some UK musicians. Saw James Blunt last night at 930. Delicious show. I really had no idea how he'd come across live, but he started out with a bang. Quite captivating, even if you'd never heard him before. I was impressed with the strength of his voice. Some good stuff.

Highlight for me was Goodbye My Lover, when his band left the stage and he was alone with the piano. He made some crack about how we were all there to have a good time, but the next song was miserable. Truly, it was miserably amazing. I knew the song, I was prepared for a bit of temporary heartache, but it was nearly devastiving. I could feel my empty soul! Okay, that's a bit dramatic, but it was a moving performance. Man, those lyrics are tough. Good for when you need a punch in the gut.

I know we're all near radio/MTV/VH1 burn-out of You're Beautiful, but keep on listening to Mr. JB. Hope he's around for awhile.

My roommates threatened to lock me out of the house if I did…

Sunny Super Saturday

Saturday was a near-perfect day. I need sun in my life - life is just so much better that way, ya know?

I was finally going to take a step in the right GMAT/grad school/London direction, and sit for a practice exam on Maryland's campus. It's been 15 months since I was lit with the London fire, yet I still haven't moved on that. Hmm...lazy? Or busy? Or I just know I'm not going til at least 2007? I dunno. Anyway, Jack, his lady friend and I met up to take the test, though he was quick to announce that since he hadn't prepped in any way, shape or form for this, he was gonna grab a copy of the test and take it home, as our registration email said we could do. Immediately my mind started spinning. I'm gonna be left alone in this strange room, in the basement of some campus building on the most gorgeous day so far in 2006. Hmm...

We found the room, and the proctor lady (this whole thing was a sales pitch for Kaplan, but I knew that going in and didn't mine) worke…

It's Decided

Niki and I are moving to Spain.

We just found the candidates for the Mister España 2006 competition. Spain grows 'em are drooling.

Pontevedra is our #1. Holy wow.
Castellon and Asturias, you're not far behind either.

Friday Recollection

I really don't even remember much of this week - it's a blur. Weeks like this make me wonder what I'm doing with my life, if it wasn't even memorable. Guess not every week can take on a stand-out status though.

Friday got stressful at work. I was looking forward to a relatively easy day, but no - I got pulled into a proposal. Fun, fun fun. For me, that requires me to bug people to send me information that I otherwise have to make up, since I know nothing about them. Or I have to look up past company projects that happened while I was still in high school and write up interesting, informative descriptions about our corporate capabilities, and crap like that. Real fun, since I was paying attention to that stuff back in the late 90s. I know I'm contributing to the overall well-being of the company, blah, blah, blah, since we need $ and work, but it just kinda sucks, especially on a sunny Friday afternoon. Not fun for anyone to do. Suffering is a bonding experience appa…

Te Quiero, Espana!

Today I'm having a MAJOR I miss Spain day. Don't know why at all... Funny how it still hits me this hard, even though it's been 4 years since I was there. I guess it happens to most people who've lived abroad, despite the length of time they were away or how long they've been back. It's nearly painful; I have such precise memories. Life is good. Two more members of the Salamanca "Dos Mil Dos" crew have moved back to DC in the last month. We're in the process of setting up a reunion, complete with pinchos and our 2002 Party Crew shirts. Five outta the original eight crew members isn't bad at all.....

I really must upload my own photos from Spain - didn't have a digital camera at the time, and now I have 20 rolls of film to scan. Quite the process. Anyone wanna do it for me? Or send me back to retake photos? That's more like it.....

In the meantime I'll have to settle for El Pais online and Flaix radio.

Quotes of the Day

PE: you are my favorite exgf
Awh, thanks. Glad I'm such the music expert :)

MGF(bestest HS friend): So you're still going to the gym?
Me: Yeah, nearly every day.
MGF: Looks like we traded places from high school. You're all buff now and I just jiggle!I miss you Nonie G!

London Calling

I need you!


Third Time's the Charm

Coldplay, you're amazing. I don't care what anyone else says, or what your self-deprecating mind thinks, you are supreme. Take a break like you've mentioned you're going to do, but please, do return.
Tonight was the third time I've seen them in the last 10 months, and it was as fantastic as ever, despite only a slight shuffle in the set list. Well done (and thanks PE, for getting tickets). For some reason The Scientist just hits me a little differently in a live setting. Yay for playing Swallowed in the Sea, I'm still digging Talk, and nothing tops Fix You.

Ahh.....I shall sleep well tonight.

Um, what?

Random text message from my father today:

Do you know anything about real estate analysis to determine profitability of a buildling purchase? Yeah, I took a finance class almost 5 years ago. Don't remember any real estate formulas...... I do marketing.....
Baffles me, really.

Quote of the Week

Him: You're like McDonalds.

(Me thinking "Huh?")

Him: I'm lovin it.No, actually I'm loving it.

Just Another Manic Wednesday

Feels like Monday to me though, since I bummed around at home for two days being sick. I was so glad to get back into the office today - I'm too social of a person. I need interaction with people to function normally. Still not feeling 100%, but I had to get back to productivity, too. Being a bum is nice for awhile, but after 2 days I'm ready to bounce back into life (unless, of course, I've been on a beach in Belize).

After the doc appointment yesterday (and I didn't see the usual hot doc - argh), I strolled down M st to meet up with Niki to commute home together. Popped into J. Crew quickly, got a glimpse of gorgeous spring/summer clothes, and I'm ready for the beach! I could almost smell the sand and feel the sun on my skin. Can't wait.

Therefore, I hit the gym like mad today. Ran nearly 3 miles, came home did some crazy Basedow weight training and another half hour of Pilates. Two hours later, I'm already feeling it. Gonna be a tough morning!