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Little Luxuries

Fall TV + DVR = recording way too many television shows.

I used to just be a LOST girl. That's it - that was enough. Now I've started in with The Class, fully pledged my love to Project Runway, Next Top Model, going to probably watch the Bachelor (barf, I know), loved Betty La Fea tonight (Ugly Betty, whatever it is in ingles. This show was a hit in Spain when I lived there, though I didn't watch anything but futbol games), and of course, the all important Grey's Anatomy.

Still catching up on season 2 of Grey's - PE and I've been watching as many hours at a time as we can this past week. We're on for disc 4 tomorrow. Is it sad to admit that I'm nearly in tears at the end of each episode I've seen? The story lines of the main characters, the medical story lines, the music - wham. Great show. Love it, love it, love it.

PE and I swapped our music collections the other day during a Grey's marathon. We think alike when it comes to music we e…

Party On, People

It's been awhile. Guess what? I'm 26 now. Woo hoo. Still mid-20s, but inching closer to late-20s, then the big 3-0. Cool. I can handle it. Yeah.

My birthday turned out perfectly. I was so stressed about it. So stressed. Ridiculous. I wanted it small, just a handful of close friends, no big blow-out, no inviting every single person I've ever met. Time to tone it down a little bit.

I decided that bowling would be the perfect thing, despite the previous non-ability to show up at a time when they don't have a 2-hour wait. I looked into reserving lanes, but their rates were outrageous, even for 10 people. Not gonna happen. I took a chance and rolled with it anyway, scheduling my shindig (and X's too, cause his birthday was earlier in the month) on Saturday at noon. What if there was a wait? What if someone had booked the whole place for a special event? What if blah, blah, blah? I really am more of a control freak than I've been willing to admit. …

Take Me Away....

Finally, two years of being in America (not that I don't love this country, I do, I just love travel slightly more), I'm finally getting more stamps in the passport over New Years 2006/7. It's been talk, talk, talk and no booking until we straightened it out this afternoon. Hip hop hooray!

St Maarten, St Barths, Anguilla, St Kitts, Antigua and Nevis, here we come! What's better than some sun in January?


Just realized I passed my one year blog anniversary!

Happy birthday, DrPepperChica. I'll have to go back and reread you to see how dorky you are.

Tally Ho

Lots of international blog visitors lately - hello Kuwait, Brazil, Belgium, Phillipines, UK, Slovenia and Canada. Strange....never so many all in one quick swoop. Too bad I've only been to one of those places.

Thank goodness there's only 15 minutes left in Wednesday. Not that it was that bad of a day, I just can't get myself together. The social life is taking over, and I haven't had a moment to catch up. I woke at 5:30 this morning for some unknown reason, and nearly considered staying up to get a head start on the day. Then I realized that would be insane and went back to bed. I could've used those few hours though.

Had a horrid time getting dressed this morning. Had the pants, shoes, put on the shirt, decided it wouldn't do with the pants, changed the pants, realized the shoes didn't go with those pants, changed shoes, and within 10 minutes went from a hot outfit to absolutely blah. At least it was approriate for the weather. Still haven't wor…

Don't Hate Me If I Pray For Rain

I finally got rain boots!

Even as recently as three months ago I would not have been caught dead in brightly colored rubbers (as ECSS likes to call them), or any sort of "functional" boot. I think I've finally seen the light though - no more wet wool pants that smell, no more cold feet, no more taking the metro when it rains. I am prepared. I may be stared at for such clunky things (they're really not that bad though), but at least my toes will be dry. Bring on the downpour.

Speaking of ECSS, here's a random photo of the month, thanks to Bloom cleaning out her inbox from 2 years ago....

You're Cinematic Razor-sharp

Snow Patrol just rocked my world. Finally, four months after the first scheduled date, and absolute sweetness. They took the stage at 12:04am and played for a solid 80 minutes. I think that was the 4th time I've seen them, and it was by far the most polished and best sounding set that I've heard. Everything clicked. They played maybe half of the new album (all my favs), and a lot of older stuff. Chasing Cars will never get old. They're gonna be in heavy rotation all this week. They'll be back in February - I'm so there.

Got to see Augustana open, which I've been excited about. I really enjoy the lead singer's voice - a little gruff and smoky sometimes, with a sweet falsetto. He mixed it up a little bit on my favorite song - Wasted - and I'm think I'm a convert.

Next up on the concert scene: Cedars, French Kicks, Matt Wertz, Vita Ruins, and Minus the Bear.

Time to settle into the new fluffy bed again. Ahhh....

God Bless America - We live on.

Pure Bliss happy in this moment. I just hopped into bed and I shall never get out again.

I got a new one today. It's amazing. It's larger than the other one. And thicker. And softer. And I have new sheets/duvet cover/shams. It's fluffy. And warm. I'm so floating in my dream world tonight. Happy!

Heavy Rotation Archive


I know I've professed hate for Nickelback many a time, but I think I've listened to their new song about 131 times in the last 24 hours. Go ahead, bring on the shame. Now that we've got that outta the way....

Long weekend was good, yet horribly, horribly bad for the wallet. Horribly. I am putting the credit cards away for good. I must! Friday night was awful and rainy - what else to do but hit the mall? In all honesty, most of the purchases I made were things that I actually need. I know you think I'm justifying myself, but really. Example - I walk to work now, and usually wear heels/dress shoes while at work. Summer's great - I can walk in flip flops. But what about the winter? No, I can't do sneakers. I've always had something against sneakers with anything but athletic wear. So I bought some flat-ish shoes that I can walk in and work in. And I need a pair of casual shoes to wear with jeans/khakis, since my other pair is finally falling apa…

Ushering in the Fall

This week has provided lots of run-ins with former coworkers and friends. Mix that with some happy hour specials, and that makes for good stories. :)

ACS, Al and I crashed Jacin's new place on Tuesday night, right by our favorite bar (heavy, heavy sarcasm there), The Front Page. Perfect location though. I love how life revolves around dowtown more and more. No more 'burbs, though I think I'm headed there tomorrow for some mega shopping. It's been ages since I went to Tyson's. I'm getting spoiled where I live and work, never having to travel to do anything. I'd best keep perspective or my VA friends will think I'm a snot when I don't want to go to Old Town.

Wednesday night was yet another goodbye to a former Sutton clan member, who's taking off to Boston. I'm glad we're all still in touch - we're all pretty different, but have a shared experience. I've now been nominated as the happy hour/gathering ring leader, so I'd…