Friday, March 18, 2011

Food, Food and more Food!

I think all I did last weekend was eat.

Friday - LDS workgroup lunch at In N Out
Friday night - America's Tacos and the Mountain of ice cream
Sunday night - dinner at Grandma's
Sunday night - dinner at Anne's with Alexis and family who were in town

And in the middle there on Saturday - Devoured.
The Phoenix Culinary Festival.
Only the best restaurants from the area.  With food.  Everywhere.

From The District:
Cheesy corndogs with violet mustard, a philly cheesteak and apple cotton candy (which is amazing)!

Modern Steak had a Wagyu beef and lobster slider.

The Arrogant Butcher had an interesting sweet pea dumpling with bacon and peanut butter mousse (which was excellent, and I don't love peanut butter like many do).

I really want to go to pasta Tuesdays at Cibo, especially after trying this pasta with boar sausage!  St Francis had the cauliflower soup with a raisin emulsion.  

Bruschetta from all sorts of places with all sorts of stuff.  I maintain that Postino is still the best, and I resisted even going to their table since I eat there so often.
Green - the vegan place had a chocolate hazelnut dipped vegan marshmallow which was actually amazing.  No photo though.

Shannon enjoyed the cotton candy, maybe a little too much.  I think we went back for 3 or 4 sticks of it, and tried to get some to go.

The famous chef from Barrio Cafe, Ms Silvana herself, did a demonstration and her personality was probably the favorite at the event.  People packed in to see her.  Then I had to go try her stuff - it was the most tender and delicious meat ever!
They had a bbq to go, set up on a bike.  Brilliant idea.  An even more brilliant idea would be to go eat there soon - who's in?

Shannon and I paced ourselves so our stomachs wouldn't die.  We got there right as it started.  Food, then art break.  Food, then art break.  We did pretty well - I think we got our money's worth.

Below - colored art, enormous, all paper.  Like a bunch of sticky note pads turned sideway and smushed together.

The cool LED light pitch black room that you can get lost in.  Might be a favorite.

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