Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things I Forgot or Like About Hong Kong

  • Everywhere you need to go - you have to walk through a shopping mall to get there. This includes grocery store, work, church, subway station, 7-Eleven, and Mrs. Fields cookies.
  • When heading towards people coming toward you - go left to avoid a collision because they drive on the left.  Only Americans veer right.
  • Tall buildings are really, really awesome.  Especially when viewing them from across a body of water.
  • People still wear surgical masks.  And they have a hygiene check point at the airport when you arrive. 
  • The old folks do tai chi in the park every morning.
  • Really good queueing, especially while getting on the jam packed subway in the morning.  And the people who hold the STOP signs and whistles to regulate traffic kind of crack me up.  I found an example at this site.

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