Friday, July 22, 2011

Called Out in the Dark

New Snow Patrol is out, and it gets better with each listen.

On repeat.

This week I finally saw the ending of our beloved friend, Harry Potter. MCB and I drove down to Long Beach to meet up with Becca, and we made it just in time for the 3D showing that we thought we were going to miss.
I had really wanted to read the last book again before I saw the movie, but oh well.  The film was fantastic and probably a little scarier in 3D since that big, gross snake has the potential to bite your face off.  I closed my eyes more than a few times.  But whoa, Neville Longbottom.  You grew up to be hot.  Four stars for the flick, and what an end to an era.  I'm sure someday I'll purchase complete sets of books and DVDs.

Tonight I'll be eating a Dodger Dog and watching some baseball; tomorrow I'll go see Simon and Paula tape the X Factor.  Wahoo!


Lita said...

Fantastic song! :) I enjoy your blog muchly.

katilda said...

mmmm GREAT song! and....neville. yes. i'll take two please.

nerak said...

snow patrol meets electronica? yes please.

is the album out in the us already? i'm dying for more gary lightbody in my life.

remember how we first met at that raaaaaandom tempe sp concert? thank you nate eads.

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