Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Happy Birthday America, and other things

Last week I decided I'd had enough of 70 degree weather and working from my lovely home office (pictured below) so I made the trek back to Phoenix for a week in extreme heat and long commute into work.  This actually turned out to be a pretty good decision.
As much as I love living in California, there was just something really nice being around friends and family again.  I think I've done pretty well balancing time with the boyfriend, LA friends and meeting new people, but it was kind of nice to be back in the comfort zone for a few days.  Kinda felt like I never left, though the roasting oven outside reminded me why leaving was a good decision.   Last night's haboob was another validation. 

I've been a little better organized with working from home, though going back into the office for a week, I treated it like a business trip.  I felt fairly productive every day and even managed to get into the office before 9am.  That's a feat for me!

The fun part though, after work.  Monday I visited my favorite Damian for a fabulous haircut.  It's worth going back to Phoenix for that alone.  I'd pay double out here for something as good.  Next up, dinner at The Windsor with Shannon and Megs.  Have I told you how good the brown bag chicken sandwich is?  Because it's just as good or better than I remembered.  

The rest of the week was filled with Bahama Bucks, dinner at Kari's, skipping trivia to hang with Chantal, Apples to Apples, Dairy Queen, free laundry at Gram's, a baseball game with work, successful shopping for home decoration stuff, and a dentist appointment where I finally got my oh-so-sexy nightguard to prevent me from stressing out my jaw.

I left the AZ Thursday evening to rush back to LA, since my brother and his wife decided to come down from Utah for the weekend.  They totally left at 6am that day and had to kill a lot of time until I got home around 11pm.

We had Friday lunch with MCB at The Misfit (yes, again, I love that place), hit food trucks in Venice for First Friday, had beach time, shopping, a field trip to Home Depot in Hollywood where we ran into Pollo Campero (loooong wait for our food, but so good!), and drilled holes into my wall to hang curtains (my bro had to work for his stay).
Courtney didn't want a full body shot in her swimsuit.  I obliged.  

Tay and Court headed back to Utah early Monday morning, so I decided to make the trek to Huntington Beach's awesome Fourth of July parade since I had about six groups of friends visiting HB for the weekend.  I saw gymnasts and skaters and clowns and soldiers and dancers.  I kind of love and miss the small town celebrations on the Fourth.  It's what makes America great.

After parade watching and lunch with friends, we hit the "CTR section" of the beach for some sun soaking.  I am definitely red.  But finally I saw Celisse!  I've missed her since she moved to DC, though I highly encouraged the move. 
After running around all afternoon with my gaggles of girlfriends, I headed back up towards home to meet up with MCB.  Cause who doesn't like kissing under fireworks?  Cheers to America!

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