Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Not once, but twice on Tuesday!


Foil 1 - MCB and I planned to go see The Tree of Life.  It's probably one of those films that should be seen in theaters to fully appreciate it, and it's been out since May so it's almost gone.  We talked about seeing it at the Arclight Hollywood, yet it disappeared.  It was only left in about 4 theaters in the whole LA area this week, one of them near my house.  Tuesday it was!  Except on Tuesday night and Tuesday night only, the 7pm show wasn't happening.  Which I discovered at noon that day.  Bummer.

We'll try again tonight and see if we get in.

Foil 2 -  Kiersten's second book, Supernaturally, dropped yesterday, and of course I had pre-ordered it on Amazon.  It's exciting stuff!  It was supposed to ship on Tuesday, so I figured I'd get it sometime this week.  Curious though, I logged into my account to track my order.  It left the warehouse in time to be delivered Tuesday, except stupidly I  didn't check the shipping address and it's at my old place in Phoenix.

It shipped via the Post Office, who does indeed have my forwarding address, but I'm afraid they delivered it to the front apartment office where it will sit in a closet, or even worse, they put it in another large PO box for packages and left the key to that in the current resident's mailbox, in which case I'd probably never see it.

I guess this just means I'll have to by another copy to boost Kiersten's sales, which I am happy to do.  I'll do my part to get her back on the New York Times Bestseller list.

In happier news I did get my new comforter for my bed (after ordering the comforter instead of the duvet, but whatever).  It looks nice, but it's SO white.  I'm afraid my oily hair will stain it.  Time to stock up on bleach.

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