Thursday, October 13, 2011

(Last) Weekend Update

In reverse:

Last Sunday afternoon, LA closed off ten miles of streets for bikers to enjoy a car-free environment during CicLAvia (doesn't that sound like a drug?).  My bike's been in the closet since my trek to Manhattan Beach earlier this summer, and it felt fantastic to dust it off.  It was a glorious afternoon, and Kenny and I made a video about our adventure.  I almost ran over a policeman while driving into oncoming traffic while holding the camera in my hands.  Awesome.  And then last night I mostly watched Kenny click and move some stuff around a computer screen really fast, but video editing is cool.  We even made a stop at OccupyLA.  Here's our finished product:

I normally have church on Sunday afternoon, but this weekend was stake conference.  I was reminded of why I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after hearing three new converts share their stories, about having faith to do hard things, and 'the economy of the Lord's sociality.'  That last one's a Bednar quote - still thinking about that one.

On Saturday afternoon I built a shelf.  Photos forthcoming.

Friday night Kenny and I headed up to the Observatory, cause I've never been! I've never really taken my camera out of auto mode, so I armed myself with a tripod that I've never used, and Kenny taught me a few things.  Luckily all the rain last week cleared out the sky - I could actually see planes taking off from LAX.

The small, but lovely, DTLA.
Looking towards Hollywood.

Friday I had a lunch date with Spanish Jason - an amigo from Georgetown.  We haven't hung out at all since I moved to LA, even though it's been 5 months.  He's an endearing flake of a lawyer, what can I say?  It was DineLA week, so we tried out Engine Co No 28, located in a restored firehouse downtown.  Pumpkin soup, rib eye steak sandwich with roasted red peppers and gouda, perfect shoestring fries, and a bacon brownie with ice cream = pretty delicious.

Viva Los Angeles!

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