Monday, October 10, 2011

Musical Monday

Video overload today - sorry.

Earlier this summer I had the privilege of seeing The Civil Wars at a small LA venue with about 200 other people.  No phones, no cameras allowed; just devoted, musical appreciation.  And it was glorious. Despite the fact that they're married to other people, Joy and John Paul have this incredible musical chemistry that just filled the stark room.  Kinda like the first time I saw The Swell Season, which I'll get to in a minute....

Check the devastatingly beautiful Poison and Wine video from a recent Rolling Stone session (you've had that relationship they're talking about, right?): OR the more upbeat, souful Barton Hollow (and if you're reading this on Google Reader, I'm guessing the videos don't show up):

In other musical news, The Swell Season documentary is playing in downtown LA this week only, and I need to catch it.  You already know I'm obsessed with Once and have traveled several states over to see Glen and Mar more than a handful of times.  Marketa's new album is out - you can listen here.

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