Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Reasons I Think I Want an iPhone

1) Words with Friends from my phone, no longer spreading games out for weeks on Facebook
2) Practice the piano with a metronome app!
3) Spotify!  All the music in my hand.  My precious!
4) Facetime with my brothers
5) Shazam, in the rare case that I don't know who sings a song
6) Nike Plus app - so I can run and set goals and keep running
7) Load AMEX specials when I check in on Foursquare (their app development for Blackberry is sloooow)
8) Siri
9) Instagram
10) I can't think of a tenth reason right now. Not Angry Birds.  Maybe Cut the Rope?

Reason I don't want an iPhone
1) Touchscreen (I shall miss my full Blackberry keyboard)
2) No more PINs to Christian

Let's see how long I hold out.....

1 comment:

Lita said...

Trust me, the touch screen is MUCH more efficient than the keypad. I had an HTC before I switched the iPhone (4 years ago) and I'm definitely happy with the change. And if you get an iPhone, we can iMessage for free! :)

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