Saturday, October 22, 2011

Royal Wedding Madness

As I sit here watching Say Yes to the Dress, I remembered I have a draft post about THE wedding of the year - the royal wedding.

I wore my fascinator to work that day, avoided all press as much as possible, and waited until I could meet up with Megs and Chantal to watch hours of coverage.  Chantal's mum is British, and she had quite the spread for us.  

Scones?  Check.  
Clotted cream?  Check.
Wedding veils and fancy dresses?  Check.
Princess Di memorial book?  Check.
Cake toppers and Cadbury chocolates?  Check.

We watched about five hours of coverage.  And while I'm super sad to see the end of Kate Middleton for the Win (seriously, best tumblr ever), long live Wills and Kate (or Bill and Cathy Cambridge, whatever you want to call them)
I promise I'm not a girly girl, but royal weddings call for such attention, right? 

1 comment:

Megs said...

Such a good night! When we come to visit can we please have scones and clotted cream??

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