Monday, November 14, 2011

Gratitude, Day 13

Last night I was digging out some things for my trip this week (this week!!  I am going to Turkey!!!) and realized that I should probably grab some books on my Kindle for the trip.

And you know what?  The whole magic Kindle Amazon Library loaning program finally started recently, after being announced months ago.  I finally figured it out, and a few clicks later I was set.

I am super thankful that I could fill my Kindle with enough books to last me the trip - I checked them out last night from the Phoenix library for 14 days, which is exactly when I'll be back.  And amazingly, I was able to get plenty to read from my long list of 'to read' even though some aren't available on Kindle format at all, and many other have long waiting lists.

Technology is a blessed thing.  Thanks, Amazon.  And public libraries.  And my Kindle gifter.  I shall be plenty entertained, even if the movie selection on the plane sucks.

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