Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Gratitude, Day 2

For my first few months here in LA I attended a singles ward for church, and since I knew I'd be aging out in 3 months or so, I was ambivalent about getting involved.  I'd be moving on soon to a regular ward, what was the point of jumping into an assignment when I'd be leaving in a few weeks?

I was a bit nervous about my transition back to "regular church," full of old and young, babies, newlyweds, etc. Where would I fit, would I make friends, find people to relate to, etc?  However, I did know all along that I really wanted to fully jump in and do whatever I need to do to get involved and have people get to know me.

I am really grateful for how welcome I feel and opportunities that have arisen for me to participate and make friends, even though I've only officially attended this congregation for two weeks.  

I met my new bishop, and we had a great introductory conversation.  And turns out we had tickets to the same concert a couple weeks ago.  That's an excellent sign.

I already have home teachers who visited me.  One is from Mauritius, the other from France - we will have French lessons each time they visit me.  They are both gregarious and we'll be friends, I'm sure.

My visiting teacher emailed me today.  She spoke in sacrament meeting a couple weeks ago with her husband, who I recognized from my DC days.  I had hoped we could be friends, and now we will be.

I know two other people in the ward from DC (all the way back to 1999).  They've invited me over for dinner on Sunday.  Yay!

I've gotten a couple phone calls from other people in the ward, wanting to welcome me in, and even asking if I can fill in on the organ from time to time.  Sigh, maybe I let that news out too soon, but I'm happy to play.  And I'm going to make dessert for a Relief Society cooking class in a couple weeks. I'm excited.

If only every new member or visitor at church felt like I do.  There's a challenge to me, to be as welcoming to everyone else as they've been to me.  This is gonna be good.  

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