Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Jet lag OWNED me today.

I really thought I was fine, especially since I've been able to stay awake pretty late instead of crashing at 8pm.  Despite hitting the hay around midnight, I was up at 430am.  And since I had meetings from 6am to about 8:30, eh, I stayed awake.

And then I crashed until 2pm.  Ooops.

In my hazy state, I purchased a season pass to Disneyland.  What?
My bro and his wife are headed to CA tomorrow for his company's annual Disneyland trip; I figure I'll jump into that party for a couple days.  Haven't been to the Happiest Place on Earth since about 1986.  I hope I don't find it ridiculous.


Erin said...

season pass! that's funny. i LOVE disneyland, but a season pass is a little much. we're planning on going on thursday december 8 if you want to join us!!!

Emily said...

ummm...I just got back from there. And i loved it. I can totally outrun kids and strollers. Fast Passes are the best and make the day awesome, as long as you have the phone ap that tells you how long the wait lines are. You can get your pass to your favorite ride and avoid the lines, while riding a few other tides to pass the time. Oh. And they have fake snow at 6, 7, and 9. It's magical.

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