Tuesday, November 01, 2011

November Challenge

30 days of November = 30 days of posts of things for which I'm grateful.

Chantal's already kicked things off, and I think I'll follow her lead, seeing that we are in Thanksgiving month already! And I don't really feel like blogging much lately, so this will maybe help me stay current.  

There will not be any particular order to my gratitude and it will potentially run from extremely shallow to the profound, but I will be grateful for each of these things.



My hearing.
There's so much good music out there, especially lately, and I'm glad I get to listen to it all.  It makes me happy.  I've long answered in the 'would you rather be blind or deaf' hypothetical that I'd rather be blind, so that I could continue to have music running through my ears, even though my independence might be more hindered without sight.

Music isn't the only thing worth hearing, of course, but it's the one that makes me most happy.

Speaking of, it's almost time to compile my Best of 2011 and start mix making.  Cheers to Spotify for making that a little easier this year.

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