Thursday, March 01, 2012

Celebrating Dead Presidents - Part I

Chantal came to visit me over the long weekend - her first true visit to LA.  I was pleased to be her tour guide, especially since there's still so much I haven't seen/done yet.  I picked her up at LAX on Friday night, and since we were both hungry, we went to Cafe 50's.  Open late and always great, or something like that.

Little did I know we'd run into Nathan and his friend, Sarah, so we crashed their table. Sorry, Nathan, I did put this photo of you chomping down on breakfast on the internets.
I ordered way too many onion rings.  And the chocolate chocolate chip milkshake.  I need to go run 3 miles just thinking about it.

Chantal said my hair looked nice, so she took a photo of it.  
Back at my place, we had a slumber party and got silly.  
The next morning we were up bright and early - 10am, ha  - and set off to hike in Griffith Park.  Of course, that's what the rest of LA was doing too, but it was a gorgeous day.  

The Hollywood sign is totally blurry, but it's there.  
I'd heard the Grilled Cheese Truck was going to be in Venice Beach that afternoon, so we raced back to the Westside to catch it before 2pm.  I finally got to order the French Onion Soup melt with Gruyere and a Parmesan Crust, with soup to dip it in.  Delish!
MCB lives up the street a couple blocks, so he biked down and met us for lunch.  

These dudes were playing dodgeball, which looked pretty awesome. 
Everyone stops to marvel at this house that has a suspended single room.  

Chantal stuck her head up this cone to see what was there, and a seagull came roaring out, right at her.  Hilarious to everyone who saw it, not so much to her.  

The skate park is hours of fascination.  
Our parking meter was about to run out, so we ran back to the car through the canals.  

After a much-needed shower, we headed to Hollywood so that Chantal could experience the joy that is Amoeba.  She collects old jazz records, and I assured here that Amoeba would have exactly what she was looking for.  Shore 'nuff, they did.  

Afterwards, dinner at Chan Darae. 
We found a photo booth and took terrible photos of me, gorgeous ones of Chantal.  
Found a purple rug in 15Twenty

And ate some cupcakes from Vanilla Bake Shop that we picked up earlier in the day.
They really are the best.  

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Chantal said...

this makes me want to book my next flight. like for cereal reals. xo

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