Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Despite My Previous Post....

Phoenix has enough good food that it made me want to visit in March for Devoured (despite two prior trips already this year.  Enough).  Shannon and I ate our way through the festival last year, and it just needs to be a tradition. 

I was relieved to see much lower gas prices in AZ.  

I rolled into town Friday night.  Chantal was out on her million man dating project so Megs and I decided on a late movie. We almost had the whole place to ourselves.  Is it awful if I said I kinda liked The Vow?  I think it's because I mostly watch really depressing movies and don't get into the sap of romance.  This was a movie of hope and love overcoming terrible obstacles like memory loss, for a change!  I also have never understood while people love Channing Tatum, but I was converted a little bit after the buff bod scenes.
We filled our bellies with a vegetable soup for dinner - easily digestible, yet filling, so our stomachs would expand and we could eat a ton on Saturday.

Okay - time to eat.  Megs, Shannon, me = Team Food.

Another gorgeous day in AZ.
I took notes on almost everything, but I'll refrain from sharing them all here.  Overall, there was a lot of pork, a lot of salmon, and a lot of corn cakes.

New discovery - Sierra Bonita.  Their dish was divine.  One of the best of the day.

The Vig had salmon and pork tacos.
We were getting full even 45 minutes in.  Not good.  Eventually we'd take one dish for the 3 of us, take one bite each, and discard.  Not enough room in the belly, however delicious.  Too many things to try!

Vegan anything scares me.  But the cupcakes were pretty alright.

District was back with their cotton candy.  The apple is awesome!
This year there was an entire room in the art museum devoted to desserts.  How can you pick just one?

We had a rest/planning session to decide what other booths we needed to visit.

And then we saw some art.

Back to eating.  I was amazed that Windsor was giving out these entire sandwiches.  People, this is my favorite sandwich that I have probably ever eaten.  Go order a brown bag chicken sandwich and love your life.  My belly hurt at this point, but I had to have a few bites.

Churn had ice cream with chocolate covered Pop Rocks.  Fun!

Fez had a nice shrimp with tabouli, goat cheese and pine nuts.

Another new and good find - North.
The salted caramel was excellent.  I think Meg had two.

Red velvet ding dongs?  Yes, please.

Smiling faces, hurting bellies.
These raspberry and lemon macarons were beautiful.

Talavera - asparagus and goat cheese soup.  It was okay.  The veal short ribs were tasty.

The glacier lettuce was gorgeous.
We suffered through more sweets.
And saw some fireflies.
And Frank Lloyd Wright.

And some miniatures.
One more lamb meatball on the way out from Province, added to the list of where to dine next.
And cotton candy to go.
Until 2013, thanks Devoured.....

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llcall said...

Oh goodness, I'm starving. And I had a can of lackluster soup in my future, but now it just won't do! Reading your blog on an empty stomach is cruel :)

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