Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Westwood Eats

800 Degrees is becoming one of my favorite go-to spots.  I rounded up some friends one night and we went.  Customized deliciousness in about 7 minutes.  Plus the 25 minutes you stand in line.  But there always magically happens to be a seat available by the time you're ready to sit.

I went with meatballs and ricotta this time.  
 Mike and Julia look pleased with their decision to come eat pizza.
 And someone caught Frederic with a funny mouth.

 It was cold that night, but we walked to Diddy Riese after and got ice cream sandwiches anyway.
Except, quelle horreur!  The Diddy is raising their prices on ice cream sandwiches.  No more buck fifty.  It's now a quarter more. Stephen isn't happy about that.

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