Friday, March 09, 2012

Friday Flashback

Super old post in my drafts folder from New Years in NYC in 2009.

I flew there to meet Tim, we rang in the new year and hopped a flight to Belize (it was crazy cheap. We're talking $80 roundtrip plus taxes on American Airlines. Ended up $220 per person.  INSANE).

I visited Yuhi.  This was pre-twin girls!  It's on my agenda to meet them next time I'm there.

View from Tim's Brooklyn roof.

Video Games.

Christian and Sara came up from DC.  We had a NYE dinner.

Tim and I went to a party at Eric's place.  It was cold.  

First portrait of 2009, I'm guessing.  Just before we went home to sleep for 2 hours, catch a cab to Newark (sans coat) and endure a flight with overly joyous high school students that wouldn't stop singing.  Still kicking myself that I left my iPod at home on that trip. The last song I heard in the airport was Hot N Cold by Katy Perry and I had it suck in my head while climbing through the Guatemalan jungle.  

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