Wednesday, September 19, 2012

August Adventures - Catching Up

I can't help but take this same picture every time I go down towards the beach. On this night, my no-blister socks gave me a blister.

Chasing Kings did a show at the Satellite before they left on tour.  

I saw this photo on Facebook and thought it was pretty hilarious.  Next time I'm out and about near a statue, I'm going to get creative.

My roommate's employers went out of town so we used their really nice house to watch some TV, eat some food, and relax in their hot tub.

Chantal came to LA to visit me.  First stop. Bootleg Theater for Le Blorr (Le Bastard Lovechild of Rock N Roll)

and Eyes Lips Eyes.
My favorite donut place happened to be on the way home.  Special treat time!

Chantal and I headed to Santa Monica for a beach run on Saturday morning.  IT WAS SO HOT.  Even down near the water there was no breeze.  We didn't run too far.


Parking lot workout.

The always accidental iPhone running photo.

Not so accidental.

This dog jumped nonstop for some water.  I told you it was hot out there!

While walking back to our car, we saw a dude under a palm tree.  And this happened:

Yeah, we had the giggles all weekend.  I really don't remember what else we did the rest of the day.  Chantal, help?

We did go to 800 Degrees.  I really do love that place.

And we made brownies on Sunday for my home teachers who didn't come by because they were sick.  So we ate those brownies right up.

Later that week I went to Griffith Park.  The sky was awesome.

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