Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shannon, Breakfast, and Baseball

Continuing in updates from August...

Shannon came to Pasadena for the summer for a NASA internship.  She's kind of a genius.  We were rooommates back at Georgetown where she was studying international relations, but two years in, she left DC, went on a mission to Brazil, came back to BYU and started in engineering and now she's almost Dr. Shannon and she does cool stuff with NASA.  She's rad.

We had a goodbye dinner in Glendale, followed by some pancakes with Cookie Butter, because I'd never had it.  It's pretty genius, too.

Brooke modeled it for us.

Bye, Shannon (aka Shelbs!).

Aaron had a late night breakfast birthday at the Cube.  

I went for a little jog in the neighborhood and came across this tree.  Then I realized it's the place where that plane had crashed.  Sad.

I hit five years of working for my company.  Five years!  I got this nice little box in the mail.

Another thing to go on my desk.

And as part of my company loyalty, I got to pick out a gift and I chose this.  Let me tell you - life changing.  I've used it a ton already.  The other day I threw in some chicken with green salsa, corn and beans.  When it was done, I made some fresh pico with tomatoes, red onion, and garlic salt.  Throw that into a tortilla with a dab of sour cream, and it's pretty dang delicious.  Cooking is easy!

I went to a Dodgers game, cause it was Vin Scully bobblehead night.  There was some awesome rainbow action going on.  Get ready for lots of rainbow photos.

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