Tuesday, September 18, 2012

San Diego Weekend

Summer is for the beach, right?  Despite living pretty close to the coast, I don't go very often.  But back in August, I headed south to visit these guys, and the beach was on our agenda.  I hoped to make the drive mid-week and work from San Diego, but this was the week that my work computer died and I had to wait around the house for the new one to be shipped to me.  That mean I left late on Friday. Always a mistake.  A two hour journey turned into 4.5 hours.

But I made it!

And right away the munchkins took me into their new backyard of their new house.  Remember last year when I had that crash course in parenting?   I'm happy to report that the kids are all grown up now.  Mostly.

Erin and I went on a little jog in the morning (I am so not a runner, despite whatever I do) and then it was get ready for the beach time.

That little one is now a year old.  Amazing.

Joseph likes to take his time getting ready for the day, even when it comes to a beach day.

Finally in the car, buckled up and safe.

Torrey Pines Beach.  Cloudy at first, and then I got a nice sun burn on my legs.  I didn't know my shins could peel!  My legs peeled for weeks!

A few hours of sun and sand, and it was time to head home for lunch and to hang out with the little guy again.

My San Diego adventures were all too short and it was time to head north again on Saturday evening.  But not before stopping in Oceanside to visit my grandparents, who spend a few weeks there every summer.  I have many memories of this place growing up, but it's probably been 8 years since I'd last been here.  Room 409, same as always.  The Top Gun house is a couple blocks away, so maybe Tom Cruise stayed here once?  Rumors, rumors.

Ah, the Oceanside Pier.  I'd always freeze on those pier walks, especially since we'd go to Dairy Queen after.

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