Wednesday, October 03, 2012

September Beginnings

Becca had a birthday!  She wanted crepes in style, so we had a lady's dinner at La Creperie Cafe in Long Beach.

Pretty delicious.  Which reminds me, I should make some of these for Conference Weekend.

I went shopping.  Can you guess where?

Marcello gave a photography lecture at a friends' gathering (Intel-lecture Series, they've dubbed it), so I went.  He takes some really great photos.

I started a skin regimen.  Gotta stay young!  Or at least have skin that looks it!

I helped Marcello with an engagement photo shoot in Marina del Rey.  We found some lovely spots.  

Cameron had a house warming party, complete with a raffle and crazy prize giveaways.

Becca's always wanted a Bumpit.

With my new slow cooker addiction, I'd felt the urge to adequately stock my kitchen.  Good thing my visiting teacher has a Costco membership.  She took me one day, my first real trip ever!  I got lots of stuff.
Maren moved to San Diego, and she had a goodbye party at some house up in the Hollywood Hills.  The house didn't belong to her or her friends, but maybe a friend of a friend whose production company is renting it out while working on a tv show?

There was a DJ with crazy lights.

I did a house tour.

Up on the roof.

The other half of the party was way down there.

Yeah, pretty awesome.

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