Thursday, October 04, 2012

Hard Habit to Break

Lately I've felt the urge to stop looking at so many screens.  Work computer, personal computer, TV, iPhone, in my face, all day long.  I kind of want to disconnect a little bit, at least for a few hours each day. 

CNN has an article this week on some smartphone habits to avoid, and I'm guilty of a few.

1) Don't need to worry about this one!

2) Man, I do this a lot.  We ALL do this a lot.  Every standing next to friends.  I want to cut this out completely.  Really bad habit.  The reason they give for this is pretty compelling.

4) Starting to get to the point, especially when communicating with a few select people.  Bad news.

5) I'm not so guilty of this one all the time, but it bugs me when everyone else can't seem to put the phone down.

9) Eh, I've done it.  But last week I realized I was doing it and I sat down for a minute.

10) Yep, done that too.  

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